I will start this off with the statement that I am not Moroccan so try to think of this as a Morocan-style cholent rather than a truly authentic version. Cholent is a slow cooked shabbat dish that cooks overnight in your oven while you sleep. It is such a nice smell to wake up to.
The great thing about cholent is that there are literally limitless combinations of ingredients. There is no right way to do it.  This recipe is a popular version in my house.

1. You have to get a fatty cut of meat. I ask the butcher to double cut flanken (cross-cut short ribs) in very thick pieces. I think the package is about 3-4 lbs. How much meat you use is up to you. I also used a few beef marrow ones. Ideally you should brown the meat and bones in some oil in a large heavy dutch oven.

2. Gather your fruit and veggies. I used garlic, carrots, onions, jalapeno peppers, potatoes, pitted dates, and pitted prunes.

3. Gather your beans and grains. You can use so many different options. Here I used barley, chickpeas, quinoa, baby lima, basmati rice, kidney beans, and some orca beans.

 4. Decide on your seasonings. This is where it gets interesting. I like to use cumin (lots of it), sweet paprika, hot paprika, turmeric, baharat, and salt and pepper. I also put a pinch of saffron but there is no need.  You put the meat and bones down and season, the veggies, then season, and then the grains and season again.

 5. Don’t fill up the pot more than halfway or it will overflow. I filled mine up too much here. Add about a half dozen uncooked unshelled eggs.  These are called huevos haminados and are just amazing how they turn brown and creamy after cooking 18 hours. Add water to the top of the pot.

6. Cover it and put it in the oven at 200-225 f for at least 12 but up to 18 hours. Periodically you will want to check the seasoning and water level and add more as needed. And this is what it looks like 12 hours later. I promise it tastes a lot better than it looks.


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