I know hummus is en vogue now and here in the US it’s served as a snack with carrots and celery, and  pretzels being dunked in the tub of hummus. However, in Israel it is an every day staple. People make beautiful plates of hummus topped with tehina, spices, olive oil, pine nuts, and parsley (I omitted it in this recipe because I was out). It is almost always served with pita for dipping and can be part of dairy or vegetarian mezze or served in a pita with grilled meats. Here I will show you how to make a really nice plate of hummus that is way more delicious than just straight out of the tub.

First, dry toast some pine nuts. They go from pale to burnt very quickly so shake the pan every so often and keep an eye on it.


Next make your tehina. There is no reason to buy the pre-made stuff as its really easy to make with just tehina paste, lemon juice, water, and salt. As far as amounts of lemon juice and water go that is really up to how thick you like it and how lemon-y. I used about 3 tb of tehina paste, 1 lemon, and a few tb of water. Also add some salt to taste.


Its interesting how at first as you add more liquids to it it actually gets thicker and dryer but as you gradually add more it eventually thins out. Just keep stirring. Also notice how it goes from beige to white. Its oddly magical.


Next, spread out your hummus on a plate. Leave a hole in the middle like so to add your tehina to.



Then pour on your olive oil like so


Next, sprinkle on cumin, paprika, and the toasted pine nuts. If I had parsley I would add a little too.


Serve with pita and most importantly drag your pita from the outside of the plate to the inside. Why? because if you do it in any other direction Israeli’s will make fun of you (this is from experience) and it goes without saying you do not use utensils.


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