This is one of my husband’s favorite things to have as a side dish. When he comes home with a giant grin and a huge bag of peppers I have to mentally prepare myself for burning the tips of my fingers as I peel them. Yeah…you can wait 5 mins and let them cool off but I have no patience.

You only need a few ingredients as its all about the fire. Here, my husband grilled the peppers but if you don’t have a grill you can put them under the gas broiler as I used to do in NY when I had an elderly but amazing gas stove. You can put them under an electric broiler but I suggest you keep the oven door ajar to keep it really hot (thank you Alton Brown for that tip). My mother fries them on the stove in some oil in a cast iron pot so there are many ways to do this. The point is the burn them.

Put your peppers on the grill and flip them occasionally until they are burnt like so.



Then you will need to peel all the skin off and open them up and scrape off the seeds and stems. If you flip the peppers on the plate it will steam the underside and make the skin easier to come off. Don’t worry if you can’t get off all the seeds. Try to save as much juice from the peppers as possible. Tear the peppers into strips with your hands (this is prettier than with a knife and naturally happens with the ribs)


Put the peppers in a jar with 2-3 cloves of slice garlic.


Add halfway up the peppers with vinegar and cover the peppers completely with olive oil. I used red wine vinegar here but you can use balsamic or white vinegar or a combination. Don’t feel bad about using this much olive oil because after you eat all the peppers (and they can last weeks preserved in oil) you can use the leftover oil and vinegar as a salad dressing.


Add some salt, ground black pepper and a tsp of sugar. If you use balsamic no need to add sugar. Stir the peppers.


These are great served with meat, rice, cut up in salads, on sandwiches, etc… Keep them in the fridge for several weeks covered under oil.

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