Annatto seeds may not be familiar to you but if you ever had that red Goya seasoning it has annatto in it for color. A lot of people use annatto to replace saffron for coloring but it has its own distinct smoky flavor when used liberally like in this recipe. It is also super cheap unlike saffron but will also give it a pretty yellow color.

Once you make the Annatto oil you can store it in a jar on your counter for several weeks and use it in place of regular oil when cooking.


Slowly heat up 1 cup of oil with 1/2 cup of Annatto Seeds. Don’t let it burn.


Then strain it into a jar. That’s it for the oil.


To make the rice put some of the oil on the bottom of the pot (1 tb or so for 1 cup of rice) and when its hot add a large handful of  broken up vermicelli and coat with the oil. Stir it often and let it turn light brown. Add about 1 tsp of salt.


When its toasted add 1 cup of basmati rice and stir until it is covered in the oil. Then add 2 cups of water. Usually you would make basmati rice with less water but you need extra to cook the pasta. I added some vegetable base but you can use stock or bouillon cubes if you like.


Let it come to a boil and then stir, put it on low and cover, and cook for 25 mins. After 25 mins fluff it with a fork.


I served mine with Israeli Salad and Chicken with Herb Pesto.


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