This is an old Jewish dish that a lot of people are grossed out by. But if you like pate you will like this. This is akin to deviled eggs for all my holidays. For every holiday, Jewish or secular this is put on the table as an appetizer. Depending on the occasion I serve it with ritz crackers, challah, or matzoh. Leftovers are always awesome on a sandwich with some roasted peppers or other vegetables.

I wish I could get my slightly anemic two year old to eat it though as liver is full of iron and a great food for anemics.

Chopped liver has three main ingredients. Chicken livers, hard boiled eggs, and cooked onions. How much eggs and onions really depends on how liver-y you like it. My father in law took control on this recipe and he made it like his mother which was about 1/3 liver 1/3 eggs and 1/3 cooked onions. He told me when his mother learned to make it they couldn’t buy a package of livers like we do now so they would just save a few livers from a few chickens and make up the rest with onions and eggs. My husband and I like it more liver-y so we make it 1/2 liver and 1/4 eggs and 1/4 cooked onions. There really is no wrong way.

First thing dry off your chicken liver, drain the blood, and make sure they all look red (not yellow) like in the picture blow.


Boil some eggs until they are hard boiled.


Chop up the onions. Everything is going to be ground up anyway so no need to chop the onions too fine.


Fry your livers in a combination of olive oil and chicken fat like we did here. Or you can choose one or the other. Flip them over when they look like the picture on the bottom. They need to be thoroughly cooked and not pink on the inside.


Take out the liver and fry the onions in the same fat.


Then throw in the boiled eggs when the onions are cooked but not burnt or crispy like in the picture.


Pass everything through a grinder. I have a kitchenaid attachment but if you have to you can use a food processor but try not to make puree. It should be kind of coarse.


Add salt, pepper, and olive oil and/or chicken fat to taste.


Let it cool in the fridge for several hours or overnight as it is to be served cold.


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