Yesterday went pretty good except for the coffee I was not supposed to have steps. Still a vast improvement as I would have probably eaten some refined carbs instead of bananas and nuts as a snack so I won’t beat myself up. Today’s menu involved much less prep than yesterday which was nice. Avocado toast for breakfast, leftover pasta for lunch, so all I really had to do was prepare the Whitefish Chowder for dinner.


Avocado Toast with Greens

Avocado on Toast – the breakfast of Miamians! Except this time on gluten free bread.



Brown Rice Pasta with Creamy Carrot Marinara

This was good on the first day but the leftovers did not reheat as well as I liked. The sauce and pasta became one solid mass.


Whitefish Chowder

While making this I followed the recipe but doubled the fish called for to about 3 oz per serving instead of 1.5 oz. I appreciate the suggestion of full fat coconut milk here. I have been avoiding the use of “reduced fat” “light” “fat free” etc for a while now because to be quite honest I rather enjoy smaller amounts of processed full fat cheese (not a good example for this dairy free book I know) then a fat free one that tastes like plastic and has an ingredient list a mile long of chemicals.



This soup was very easy to make and really good. Simmer the carrots, sweet potatoes, and thyme in coconut milk and water and then add the fish. Probably could have used more spices but the author is trying to keep the ingredients list low so I understand.  This would make a very easy weeknight meal.

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