Choose Your Adventure Chia Breakfast Pudding

This was easy to prepare you just needed to mix everything up the night before. It is nice to be able to just grab in the morning and tastes great (if you like coconut) despite not being much to look at. Next time I would pick one of her “adventures” and top it with some nuts because I am starting to miss chewing and crunchy with her recipes.





Avocado Toast

It was supposed to be the Slow Cooker Vegan Split Pea Soup Leftovers

but I burnt it….  plus I wanted something to chew…


Quinoa Flatbread Pizza

The “bread” was only a few ingredients and pretty easy to make as long as you have a spice grinder. I baked it 30 minutes as per the recipe but the bottom was a bit soggy still. The make ahead tip said you can freeze it so I cut it and froze it and toasted it and it came out soft, not crispy, but not soggy.


The Pizza toppings in the recipe were just roasted onions, canned artichoke hearts, and optional pine nuts. The author gave some suggestions for variations including pesto as a topping so I went for it and used Vegan Herb Pesto

The bread tasted a little bitter. I googled this to see if I was crazy and evidently quinoa is covered in a natural substance called “saponin” and the manufacturer is supposed to rinse it off but sometimes they do a poor job. So note to self and everyone else – rinse your quinoa just in case. I am not loving the quinoa pizza crust thing but at least there is something to chew.


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