Today ends week 1. I am not sure if I feel any different but I have eaten a lot of vegetables so that is a plus. I have also re-discovered bok choy and was introduced to millet and rice paper wraps – things I plan on using more. So all in all a productive week.


Blueberry-Millet Breakfast Bake


Poached Chicken Wraps

These were fun to make. The recipe called for poached chicken, dill, spinach, and romaine wrapped in brown rice paper wrappers. I ran out of spinach and replaced it with basil which gave the wraps a nice flavor. As you can see by the picture my wrapping skills are sub par but they stayed together! I never used rice paper wrappers before but it was surprisingly easy (even if rolled poorly) and I am sure there are a lot of creative things you can do with them. I dipped mine in some siracha…I know hot peppers are a no-no ingredient but the wraps were just calling for it.



Classic Butternut Squash Soup

 I couldn’t eat this dinner either it was just tasteless, watery, and bland. The ingredients were 4 items: Squash, celery, onion, carrot – pureed with salt. I am not sure why I was expecting something better – it needed chicken broth, some spices? Maybe I will try to fix it up tomorrow.


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