Yesterday I may have fallen off the wagon and ate bad delicious foods…but today I got back on and I am glad I did because otherwise I would have never discovered make your own cup of noodles.


I replaced the Quick Greens and Cauliflower Bowl with leftover Blueberry-Millet Breakfast Bake.

The breakfast recipe consisted of cauliflower and kale (and not in a smoothie) and I had a feeling this would end up in the garbage if I made it so I spared myself. I really like this millet thing – even my extremely picky daughter tried it and said it was yummy.


Gluten Free Ramen To Go


This was a cute idea to do in a mason jar a sort of make your own cup of noodles. It involved my fav ingredient: tahini! I soaked riced noodles for 30 mins as per the instructions, added carrots, tahini, beef base (she called for veggie) and I was out of kale so I replaced it with spinach in this recipe. You put it all in a mason jar and then just add boiling water and steep for 6 minutes when you are ready to eat. Ingenious. I loved this and will be taking something like this to work with me for lunch every once in a while.



Sesame-Tuna with Asparagus (or Salmon in my case)


Another good recipe. Sesame oil really makes everything delicious. Hopefully tomorrow will go as well as today.

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