Yesterday was pretty successful recipe wise and so was today! Things are looking up.


Butternut Squash Smoothie


I was skeptical of this one after the disastrous butternut squash soup. The smoothie consists of butternut squash, coconut milk, tahini, maple syrup, and cinnamon and the author describes it like a milk shake. She is right it is really amazing – another use for tahini I have not thought of before.


Home-Style Red Lentil Stew


Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo


I have seen a lot of people making cauliflower “alfredo” sauces on pinterest but I never tried it because I was never a huge fan of regular alfredo to begin with. The ingredients were minimal: steamed cauliflower, soaked cashews, chicken and spinach. I made the sauce in blender and put it in with the chicken in the slow cooker. Things came up and I did not get to eat it for dinner but I did try the sauce and was pleasantly surprised. Maybe because it tasted like cauliflower (which I don’t hate) and not real alfredo.  Hopefully I will have a picture of the finished product for tomorrow’s lunch.

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