When I get bored I like to make weird condiments that will last in the fridge. I will make pickled garlic, pickled mango, rendered chicken fat, candied orange peels, harrisa, schug, etc.  One of my favorite things to make is preserved lemons because it is super easy and lasts forever in the fridge. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures when I was making the lemons but you can find a lot of recipes online or just buy them pre-made from middle-eastern grocers, fancy supermarkets, the internet

One of my favorite things to make with preserved lemons is a Moroccan Tajine dishes bc its just fun to use interestingly shaped cooking vessels. My friend bought me a Tajine for my birthday so I needed an excuse to use it again. If you do not have one its fine – just use a covered pot.


I took apart a whole 3.5 lb chicken myself; mostly because I bought this fancy new boning knife and then it sat in my drawer for a few months. You can buy one cut up or use any skin-on bone-in pieces you like.


Fry some onions in Oil until soft for about 5 minutes – I used on monstrous onion here. So you may want to use two normal sized ones. You can’t sear in a tajine so I started off in a frying pan.


Prepare your preserved lemons. You need to rinse them and remove the pulp and keep the skin. I know, it seems counter-intuitive to the usual method of using lemons. Then cut it into thin slices I used like 2/3 of a lemon here and the other 1/3 later for garnish.

Also chop about 5 cloves of garlic and a comparable amount of chopped ginger; half a bunch of cilantro;  some cumin, pepper, and sweet paprika.



I don’t measure. I used about 1/2 TB of cumin, a tsp of pepper, and maybe 1 TB of paprika; then I tasted and re-seasoned after it was cooked. You should do the same. As you can see I have not added any salt. Between the preserved lemons and the olives the dish is pretty salty as is so do not add any salt until the end when you taste it.


Stir for a few mins and then pour this mixture into your tajine.



I then added a bit of oil to the same pot and seared my chicken pieces. I seasoned the chicken with a bit of paprika, cumin, and pepper just for fun.


Place the chicken on top of the vegetables in the tajine and add about a cup of water. Cover and let cook about 45 min and the chicken is cooked through.



Meanwhile, slice the rest of the preserved lemons and 1 cup of green olives.


After about 45 min take the cover off your tajine. I let mine reduce for about 10 more minutes to make the sauce thicker.


Taste for salt and added the preserved lemons and olives



Add the juice of half a lemon


Stir a bit, top with chopped cilantro, and that’s it!


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