Hot and Spicy Seafood Dip

Usually if I am going to make a dip for people to snack on I go with onion dip, salsa or guacamole. But I had an octopus sitting in my fridge staring at me. My parents saw pre-cooked Octopus at Costco and wanted to know if it was any good so they gave it to me to play with. I really was reluctant to use it because I thought it would be gross but it was surprisingly not fishy, not slimy (once rinsed), and not rubbery. Who would have thunk. In addition to the octopus I used surimi (“krab”). I know surimi has a bad reputation because it is marketed as “fake crab” but I like it. You just need to buy a decent quality and enjoy it for what it is – fish sticks and not expect crab.

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