Sweet Potato and Saffron Biscuits

My husband jokes that biscuits are my nemesis. I must have tried to make them a dozen times with a bunch of different recipes and they always come out denser and flatter than I have hoped. I attribute this to my genes being totally devoid of any “Southerness.” However, I finally had success with this recipe despite it being more complicated than plain biscuits due to the addition of sweet potatoes. Perhaps I have lived in Florida long enough where the Southern has rubbed off on me. Does Miami count as the south?

So why sweet potato and saffron? Because my husband would be freaked out by sweet potatoes so I thought I would blame the yellow-y orange color on saffron but I don’t think he bought it. Either way, a pinch of saffron can’t hurt right.

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Easy Potato Bread in the Bread Machine

My parents bought me a bread machine when I was a newlywed living in Manhattan.  I had about a foot of counter space and it took every inch of it. But I loved it anyway. I remember setting its delay function and at like 5 am the kneading would wake us up (it was a lofted studio so we slept on top of the kitchen) but it was so worth it. By 8 am we woke up to the amazing smell of fresh bread. I was the best wife ever!
I bought a bread machine cookbook soon after I got the machine and that is generally what I use for base recipes when I bake in the bread machine. A bread machine takes up space but its so easy. You literally throw the ingredients in and then 3-4 hours later you have bread. You don’t even need to clean up because it comes out clean from the mold.
It taught me how to make bread but its very limited. It generally only makes soft sandwich type breads. If I want to make more crusty or rustic breads I use the kitchenaid stand mixer and go through the steps of kneading, rising, punching down, rising, shaping, baking, cleaning, etc. Of course those breads taste better but its a lot more work. So sometimes its nice to go the easy bread machine route.

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