Flan (Crema Volteada)

I am pretty proud of this one. This was my first time making flan and the internet could really freak you out about overcooking it and making sweet scrambled eggs. I read all the tips and tricks and settled on a simple recipe and checked on the flan every 5 mins to not overcook it. Besides the excessive checking and worrying – making flan is surprisingly easy. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the first few steps. I made one large flan in a 9 inch pan but you can use ramekins also just cut down the cooking time. Do not use a cheesecake or tart pan with removable sides or bottoms as the filling will leak out and you will get flan water.

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Easy Sausage and Gruyere Quiche

This quiche is an easier version of the one I posted a few weeks ago Brie, Bacon, and Onion Quiche. The Brie and Bacon quiche uses a homemade pie crust which is amazing but takes a bit of work. This quiche uses store bought puff pastry which saves a lot of time and really how bad can puff pastry be…

One of the things that made it so special was the quality of the sausage. There is butcher in Deerfield Beach (which is a trek for me!) called Real Emil’s European Sausage Kitchen that makes all his own sausages and cured meats. It is just amazing. Anyone who lives within 90 minutes should visit. The owner is also really a nice guy he remembers us every time we come.

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Brie, Bacon, and Onion Quiche

I tend to make quiche when I am invited to someones house and want to/am asked to bring something. I can usually make it without going shopping because all you really need to make a quiche is eggs, flour, butter, onions and milk or cream. Then whatever meat or cheese you have. I had brie, bacon and Parmesan cheese in the house so that is what I used. It is great to bring to peoples houses’ because it should be served room temperature so you don’t need to take up space in their fridge or try to keep it hot. Plus people tend to really like it. Yesterday I brought this to a BBQ at my neighbors and we ate it with our vodka while the men were arguing over the grill.

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