Leftovers Lasagna with Homemade Pasta

I tend to freeze all my leftovers and eventually the freezer gets full and I decide to get creative. I had a jar of tomato sauce, frozen meat sauce my husband made a few weeks ago,  a container of tomato sauce and meatballs my neighbor brought me and frozen German sausage. I would have preferred Italian sausage but as my daughter says “you what you get and you don’t get upset” so I dealt.  What is great about lasagna is that you only need a few ingredients and it is very versatile. You can use any meat you have – sausage, ground beef, ground chicken, pancetta, etc any any tomato sauce you like.

As far as the homemade pasta goes that does take work. I did not have any ready made lasagna sheets but I did have flour and eggs and some free time so fresh pasta it was. But dried lasagna sheets would work just as well I would suggest the no boil type. With fresh pasta it is so thin and delicate there is no need to boil the sheets first.

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Chocolate Tiramisu

So what do you do when you love tiramisu and you love chocolate? Eat both of course! But if you don’t have the room the other option is to make this chocolate tiramisu. Adapted from the Lindt Chocolate cookbook. This is a long recipe so I did it in two steps. I made the cake the night before and then did the filling and assembled it the next morning.

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