This was a first for me both in trying it and making it. My neighbor requested it so I thought I would give it a go. I am not sure whether or not it was authentic as I never tried it but we all liked it! It was not too hard to make but it did take a while because I made my own chicken stock. This recipe is enough for like 10 people so plan for a lot of leftovers.

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Persian Rice with Potato Tahdig

This is a long recipe just to make rice but rather than as a side dish this rice is really the main event. Well made Persian Rice should have a crunchy rice layer at the bottom (or in this case potato) called tahdig. That is the difficult part you need to get to know your pot and stove to achieve this without under-browning or burning the bottom and to be honest for me its really hit or miss.  I usually err on the side of under-browning but even if the tahdig is not perfect the rice is still great so I try not to stress myself out over it.

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Yellow Annatto Seed Rice with Pasta

Annatto seeds may not be familiar to you but if you ever had that red Goya seasoning it has annatto in it for color. A lot of people use annatto to replace saffron for coloring but it has its own distinct smoky flavor when used liberally like in this recipe. It is also super cheap unlike saffron but will also give it a pretty yellow color.

Once you make the Annatto oil you can store it in a jar on your counter for several weeks and use it in place of regular oil when cooking.

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