Sweet Noodle Kugel

There are about 1,000 different recipes for noodle kugel. Some are savory with chicken fat and pepper others are sweet with lots of dairy, dried or fresh fruits, nuts, etc. I was in the mood for one with lots of dairy and raisins so I made one with cottage cheese, labne, butter, cream and raisins. It was pretty decedent and is generally reserved for holidays rather than everyday fare. It is best served room temperature so let it cool off after making it. It can be served along with dinner, as dessert, or breakfast.

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Chopped Liver

This is an old Jewish dish that a lot of people are grossed out by. But if you like pate you will like this. This is akin to deviled eggs for all my holidays. For every holiday, Jewish or secular this is put on the table as an appetizer. Depending on the occasion I serve it with ritz crackers, challah, or matzoh. Leftovers are always awesome on a sandwich with some roasted peppers or other vegetables.

I wish I could get my slightly anemic two year old to eat it though as liver is full of iron and a great food for anemics.

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