Grilled Rack of Lamb with Duck Fat-Garlic Braised Potatoes

Evidently Americans eat less than 1 lb a year. I think I can eat 1 lb in a sitting so either these stats are off or people for some CRAZY reason do not like lamb??? Maybe because it is expensive. At a restaurant it can get pricey but if you make it yourself its not bad at all. My husband and I bought a 1.5 lb rack of lamb chops for $17 and we ate so much we had to decompress on the couch for 2 hours – and still had leftovers! So, morale of the story is eat more lamb and make it yourself.  This was also really easy. Took about 15 mins in prep work and very little clean up.

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21 Review: Week 2 Day 6 THE END

Although I had a few complaints about the recipes and level of mushiness I did not hate these past two weeks. I discovered half a dozen or more recipes that I would keep in my repertoire, gained a new appreciation for smoothies, and really broke in my vitamix. I also ate way more vegetables than I usually would and significantly cut down on my consumption of processed junk. But unfortunately, I will have to take a hiatus from the book as my time off from work has come to an end and my schedule became very tight and I am not ready to work and do all this cooking/meal planning. So enjoy the last Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21 post. Continue reading “The Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21 Review: Week 2 Day 6 THE END”

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21 Review. Post 1: Preparation

I really like cookbooks – all cookbooks. I especially enjoy ethnic and international cookbooks. They are my favorite especially the really nice ones that make it feel like a culinary travelogue or a lesson on food anthropology. I love reading those types of books and making dishes that to me are exotic like authentic Persian Rice dishes, a pickled tongue, etc.

There has been an emphasis in weekly meal planning and a proliferation of special diet books flooding the market lately. I don’t mean like the weight watchers recipe books my mother still has from the 80’s on her shelf. Books that are not so much for weight loss but to highlight a specific way of eating – clean eating, less processed, allergy free, etc…

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