Multi-Colored Quinoa Granola with Dates and Seeds

After I made home made granola a few months ago I was in the mood to try it again, this time with quinoa. Why quinoa? Because like my fashion sense – I am 5 years behind on trends that is why. Plus I had some quinoa hanging around the pantry. Here I used dates, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds; but you can use whatever dried fruit, seeds, or nuts you like.

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Sweet Potato and Saffron Biscuits

My husband jokes that biscuits are my nemesis. I must have tried to make them a dozen times with a bunch of different recipes and they always come out denser and flatter than I have hoped. I attribute this to my genes being totally devoid of any “Southerness.” However, I finally had success with this recipe despite it being more complicated than plain biscuits due to the addition of sweet potatoes. Perhaps I have lived in Florida long enough where the Southern has rubbed off on me. Does Miami count as the south?

So why sweet potato and saffron? Because my husband would be freaked out by sweet potatoes so I thought I would blame the yellow-y orange color on saffron but I don’t think he bought it. Either way, a pinch of saffron can’t hurt right.

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21 Review: Week 1 Day 3


Choose Your Adventure Chia Breakfast Pudding

This was easy to prepare you just needed to mix everything up the night before. It is nice to be able to just grab in the morning and tastes great (if you like coconut) despite not being much to look at. Next time I would pick one of her “adventures” and top it with some nuts because I am starting to miss chewing and crunchy with her recipes.

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Vegan Herb Pesto

Whenever I have a lot of leftover herbs I make a cheeseless (vegan) pesto. You don’t need to just use basil you can use any herbs. I usually use a cilantro, parsley, mint, dill, or basil in various combinations. It keeps in the fridge for weeks and I use it on everything. You can toss it with pasta, use as a sandwich spread, a salad dressing, use to marinate chicken (obviously not a vegan use), or my favorite – use it to marinate vegetables and then grill.

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Easy Apple Tart

This apple tart is super simple to make and sometimes simple is better. Instead of making tart dough I used a frozen sheet of puff pastry (you will notice a theme with this I love frozen puff pastry). But of course you could make your own or use pie crust. You only need a few ingredients: puff pastry, lemon, sugar, apples, butter, and jelly/jam. I made this with ingredients I had on hand when I saw a few apples staring at me day after day in the fridge.

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Flan (Crema Volteada)

I am pretty proud of this one. This was my first time making flan and the internet could really freak you out about overcooking it and making sweet scrambled eggs. I read all the tips and tricks and settled on a simple recipe and checked on the flan every 5 mins to not overcook it. Besides the excessive checking and worrying – making flan is surprisingly easy. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the first few steps. I made one large flan in a 9 inch pan but you can use ramekins also just cut down the cooking time. Do not use a cheesecake or tart pan with removable sides or bottoms as the filling will leak out and you will get flan water.

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