(Big Disclaimer: My Husband wrote this review, any complaints should be addressed to him.)

I love Indian food. I especially love curry sauce. I long ago learned that there is no one curry sauce, and that curry to an Indian is just a mix of spices.

However, whenever I go to an Indian restaurant I will always order a curry, usually a lamb curry, most of my favorite restaurants will serve a similar flavor profile when I order my usual, which is lamb curry.

I am reviewing this product because once transformed it will give an extremely similar version if not identical to my favorite restaurants. If you are like me, and love your curry, or what we non-Indians call curry, then this is the product for you.

So this is the product I will be using


In order to transform this into a delicious meal, it has to slow cook and blend its flavor with the protein of your choice.” ’cause tonight, is the night, when two become one”

So lets get going , every good cooking post should begin with the words, “take some onions and chop them” so I did, as well as a few peppers I found


Now I took some beef for stew from the local supermarket in one to two inch cubes, I would have loved some lamb, but they didn’t have any and they became very expensive. If your wallet is bigger than your knife, go ahead and get the lamb, for a richer more pungent flavor profile.

Brown the meat, I used the browning feature of my pressure cooker but you can you a cast iron pan or pot, just make sure to keep your drippings, we will fry the onions and peppers in the fat that came out of the meat.


Now lets add the onions and peppers


let it cook a little until its changing its color to brown or white depending how sweet you like your onions to become.

Now ill add the curry sauce and another sauce I love very much and recommend to any hearty stew or sauce that is beefy or tomato-e




Now I’ll let it simmer together for a while before I close the lid and pressure cook until the flavors have completely blended


Once cooked it will look something like this


Now go make some rice, or ask Stephanie to add a rice blog post for us (disclaimer, I did not make the rice)

It would be best to serve with Naan (Indian bread) to scoop out rice and meat and sauce, but I ran out and my favorite Indian market was out of them as well. I do not appreciate the local supermarket Naan as much.