Preserved Lemon and Green Olive Chicken Tajine

When I get bored I like to make weird condiments that will last in the fridge. I will make pickled garlic, pickled mango, rendered chicken fat, candied orange peels, harrisa, schug, etc.  One of my favorite things to make is preserved lemons because it is super easy and lasts forever in the fridge. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures when I was making the lemons but you can find a lot of recipes online or just buy them pre-made from middle-eastern grocers, fancy supermarkets, the internet

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This was a first for me both in trying it and making it. My neighbor requested it so I thought I would give it a go. I am not sure whether or not it was authentic as I never tried it but we all liked it! It was not too hard to make but it did take a while because I made my own chicken stock. This recipe is enough for like 10 people so plan for a lot of leftovers.

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